UV sun protection clothing designed for every day, to protect you and your children's skin while you enjoy the sun.

ropa proteccion solar upf50

UPF50+ fashion

that cares for your skin

That fills your summers with beauty, that makes you feel good, so that you can just enjoy the sun. At From Sun With Love we create clothing with quality UV sun protection, a protection that does not expire, does not fade with use or washing. Our fabrics are not hot and take care of your skin and the planet.

Our UPF50+ sun protection clothing is made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which is obtained from waste such as fishing nets and processed into virgin nylon, and the best part is that it can be infinitely recycled. We create durable, sustainable and quality UV protective clothing.

Join our lifestyle.

The UPF50+ protection scarves you won't want to take off this summer.

UPF50+ T-shirts with designs you'll love for endless adventures.

Zazou UPF50+ layer with maximum protection and freshness.

Shorts for adults and children, unisex, with sun protection and quick drying.

UPF50+ hats, reversible, easy to carry, and they can get wet!

UPF50+ bandanas and scrunchies, to protect you from the negative effects of UV rays and more...

ropa proteccion solar upf50

upf50+ clothing


Our UPF50+ sun protection clothing has original designs that are sustainable and respectful of each person involved in the creation process. Unique and beautiful garments that will accompany you while you enjoy the sun.

We do not neglect the social commitment to manufacture UPF 50+ clothing, we take care that the entire production chain is local, lowering the carbon footprint and working exclusively with workshops with European working conditions.

Our UV sun protection clothing is far from “fast fashion”, and our creation process is totally traditional. When you buy our UPF 50+ sun protection clothing, you ensure that you not only protect yourself from UV radiation, but also do your bit for sustainable fashion, with all that goes with it.

Clothing with UV sun protection

UV Protection

Light and soft fabric


Permanent sun protection


Ecological and sustainable fashion




Inspired by the hypnotic power of those last rays of sunlight, which, changing and magical, playfully reflect on the surface of the sea. Shine is a woman who shines in a different light: her own. A self-confident, inspiring woman who feels comfortable in her skin. Of course, healthy skin protected against UV rays. Because Shine is to love you, take care of you and pamper you.

It is a quiet walk along the seashore at the hour when the hustle and bustle dies down. Shine is calm, delight and connection with nature. It is to sink your feet in the sand, close your eyes and breathe in slowly and deeply. Shine is the immensity of the sea contained in a conch shell. It is to become aware of the overwhelming beauty of this, our planet.

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moda estampados flores

buy by stamping


Choose your favorite print! Each season we incorporate sun-protective clothing with a new and magical theme into our fabrics. Our prints are works of art, unique pieces created by artists and painters exclusively for From Sun With Love. Prints full of beauty ready to last in time, with no expiration date!

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