UV protection garments designed for every day. Protect your skin and your children's skin while you enjoy the sun.

UPF50+ Fashion

takes care of your skin

Apparel that makes you feel good, that fills your summers with beauty and enjoyment. At From Sun With Love we create quality, durable sun protection clothing. We promote sustainable economy and honest wages, while taking care of the planet and your skin. Join our lifestyle.

The multiposition sacarf and multipurpose UPF50+ shawl are a must in your summer, surprise yourself with the infinite number of positions and uses.

Long Sleeve Shirt UPF 50+ to enjoy in and out of the water with style and comfort. Maximum protection both wet and dry.

The Zazou® UPF50+ cape has the superpower to protect the skin from UV rays anytime, anywhere.

UPF50+ swim shorts for the little ones, comfortable and quick-drying. Mix &Match with mum!

UPF50+ hats, bandanas or scrunchies, to protect the head, face and hair from the negative effects of UV rays.

Liquidation of garments and last UPF50+ units.

UPF50+ Fashion


Our clothes are original designs, sustainable and respectful with each person who participates in their creation process. Unique and beautiful garments that will be with you while you’re enjoying the sun. 

Clothing with UV sun protection

UV Protection

Light and soft fabric


Permanent sun protection


Ecological and sustainable fashion




“Field diary” is a song to our planet, it is a vindication of the green in our lives.
Inspired by the drawings and the field work to which men and women dedicated his life studying nature at first hand, its flora and fauna. Thanks to them, today we know a lot about the species and they have instilled in us love and preservation of our planet.
This summer, we surround ourselves with flowers, leaves, insects, shells, octopuses or crabs…

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Choose your favorite print! Each season offers a new and magical theme, printed on our fabrics. Our prints are works of art, unique pieces created by artists and painters exclusively for From Sun With Love. Prints full of beauty, ready to last over time, with no expiration date!

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