Zazou cape UPF 50+

We love the sun

Our leisure time in most of our lives takes place outdoors.

We spend long hours doing different activities and we like to let the little ones enjoy themselves in the sun. But radiation in excess and at certain times of the day is very harmful.

A child’s skin can burn in 10 minutes even in cloudy weather. Those recurrent burns in childhood can become a melanoma in the future.

In addition to the occurring of thousands of new cases of skin cancer each year, 90% of our skin’s ageing is caused by the sun.

The most effective protection

UPF clothing is the only option to stay in the sun safely.

No need to hide in the shade or force children to stay still under an umbrella. As the World Health Organization said:“Clothing is the most effective form of sun protection. It is our first line of defense against harmful ultraviolet rays”. Wearing UPF garments especially in the central hours of the day, when radiation is harmful, provides us with 99% effective protection.

Most of the fabrics that we use in our clothes let UV rays pass between their fibers, to avoid this, the textile must meet certain characteristics of composition and fabric structure. The weave of the fibres must be sufficiently dense to offer resistance to the sun’s rays. The UPF Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating indicates the amount of radiation that the garment blocks.

Zazou UPF 50+

The maximum rating is UPF 50+ which means that it blocks more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays. The technique used to add this protection to fabrics varies depending on the manufacturer, it can be from chemical baths to adding layers made of ceramic particles to absorb radiation.


The perfect sun protection is one that combines UPF clothing with the rest of the elements at our disposal:
A hat to protect the face and head, sunglasses and sun screen for exposed areas.

Chemical free

Our fabrics have no chemical treatments applied to them, they offer their natural protection thanks to the way they are woven.

This protection does not go away with washing or with the use of the garment. It has been laboratory tested and certified to the strictest protocols in terms of sun protection by AATCC and AS/NZS standards. The result is a labelled category of UPF 50+ Excellent UV protection.

The use of sun creams as the only protective measure is not recommended, since the amount of cream that must be applied is very large, and the vast majority of people do not comply with this recommendation, neither with the amount, nor with the indicated repetition every two hours. This is one of the infinite advantages of UPF clothing, it provides us with substantial savings by reducing the amount of cream we use. It is also a clean, ecological protection without any chemical component, and not toxic, as some sources claim that some creams can be, for the skin, oceans, environment…