My story

From Sun with Love was born from my need for protection from solar radiation and my desire to enjoy the outdoors and take care of the planet. I am Eva, a designer by profession, and a lover of outdoor activities.

I was born and I have grown up in the 70s, when it was usual to spend long hours on the beach, under the August sun, without any kind of protection. Up until one summer, when a warning went off in my skin: I started to suffer from a very strong sun allergy. And, as a nature and outdoor enthusiast (I was even a Scout Girl!) I have spent my whole life researching and looking for ways to protect my skin and my family’s skin from UV rays. (Read the full story (here.)

From the desire to fill the gap in the UPF market, together with my creative restlessness and  the result of all my experience, my own brand of sun protection clothing was born, with the garments that I would have loved to have and use with my children. Such as the Zazou® cape, a garment that respects the planet and all those who take part in its manufacturing, that blocks 99% of UV rays and allows you to enjoy the sun with freshness and comfort. A solution to a problem that I know perfectly well and of which I have become an “expert”.

My aim is to defend the responsible enjoyment of the sun, and to help children learn to protect their skin and take care of nature. How about sharing a healthy lifestyle that respects the planet?

Eva Zorzo