We love our planet.

Our products are made in Spain and are made 100% recycled. We care about creating a better future and a better planet for our children.

We are committed to the environment. We know the short and long term effects of the textile industry. We believe it is possible to produce and consume differently, and we make it possible. We use the most technologically advanced and highest quality recycled fibres in the market:

ECONYL® is regenerated nylon, manufactured by recovering nylon waste, such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, mill fabric remnants and old carpets, turning it into virgin quality nylon for the fashion industry.

REPREVE® is made from plastic bottles recovered from waste deposited in nature and the oceans.

Both fibres are used to produce extra-soft fabrics of the highest quality.

Environmental commitment

Plastic has become a global social and environmental problem: 4.9 billion tons are abandoned in nature or deposited in landfills.
When exposed to solar radiation, plastics also emit greenhouse gases. Every time we manufacture 1 kg of textiles made from plastic bottles we contribute to the environment with:
  • 62% less energy used,
  • 99% less water used,
  • up to 35% less waste created,
  • more than 20% less CO2 emitted**.
Recycled polyester eliminates crude oil, refinery and chemical extraction stages. Instead, plastic bottles are collected, washed, separated, chopped, milled, melted and reformed into a chip which is then melted and extruded into filament for use in the spinning and weaving process.Our textile suppliers are triple certified with the most recognised and important seals of endorsement in the industry.
ECONYL, infinite possibilities

The ECONYL® regeneration system

Rescue, Regenerate, Remake, Reimagine.
A system that begins with the rescue of waste, recovering its original purity through a cleaning process. This makes ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon exactly the same as virgin nylon. The beauty of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon is that it has the potential to be endlessly recycled, never losing its quality. We believe circular design is the future and using ECONYL® is our first step on that journey.

Social commitment

We produce and manufacture locally, reducing the footprint and working ethically with workshops employing only people with European working conditions.

The entire production chain is made locally: from pattern making to tailoring, screen printing and trimmings. All this is done by companies and people with sustainable businesses and fair working conditions.

As you know, fast fashion employs millions of people in subhuman, almost slave-like conditions. Our responsibility is to employ people with fair wages and reasonable working hours.

Our creation process is completely traditional. Every step of the production process is carefully worked out by all the professionals involved.

UPF50+ sun protection scarf

Sustainable fashion with sun protection

Discover the UPF+50 garments.

From Sun With Love garments do not let UV radiation through, their protection is not obtained with chemicals, it is inherent to the fabric and they are made in Spain with 100% recycled and recyclable fabric.