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Did you know that the Zazou® layer is patented? And that there are a large number of inventions that improve and transform people's lives on a day-to-day basis and that you would not believe that they hide a patent behind? Today, April 26, World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated and at FSWL we want to talk to you about small, great inventions and patents of women.

“Inventing is really easy; it’s the development work that is heartbreaking.” Beulah Louise Henry

Throughout history, objects have been invented to solve problems of daily life. Many of these inventors were not necessarily scientists, but self-taught entrepreneurs or even housewives who found a solution to an unmet need. We are going to talk to you about these objects and women inventors here.

Objects of daily life such as the umbrella, the paper bag, the pantyhose, the backless bra, the float for children, the diaper, the earmuffs, or the first Typex precursor corrector, were inventions that obtained their corresponding patent and in addition, except the earmuffs, all of them invented by women .

Our summer would not be the same without Beulah Louise Henry (1887–1973) (whom we deeply admire and is a great inspiration. How many of these things do you use on your vacations?: The parasol , the float , the rich ice cream !… are just some of the 110 inventions and 49 patents that this American inventor and businesswoman born in North Carolina has. Completely self-taught, she dedicated her life to the invention to improve the life of society in a time where it was reserved for men, in fact she was known as “Lady Edison”, sadly.

He created different companies such as the Henry Umbrella & Parasol Company He made all kinds of devices, especially for women, children, leisure, office, fashion, personal hygiene… In addition to those mentioned above and the ice cream machine, important advances in the sewing machine, typing machine… appeared on the pages of the prestigious Scientific American magazine as the most outstanding inventors of the year 1924.

Have you seen the typical flat bottom paper bags used in all American stores? They are used worldwide. Well, it is one of the most famous inventions of Margaret E. Knight (1838-1914) born in Maine, with 90 inventions and 21 patents. He obtained his patent for the folding machine that made the entire process automatic and the resistant bag, but not before fighting it in court with one of his mechanical workers who wanted to take it away from him, alleging that “it was impossible for a woman to carry out designs sophisticated technicians. Amazing!


Inventions created by women

Can you imagine your grandmother continuously washing and drying at high temperatures the cloth diapers that irritated her baby’s skin and that she placed with a safety pin? well the diaper, waterproof and with zippers, we have to thank Marion Donovan (1917-1998) who, tired of doing it with her daughter, had the great idea and in 1949 she made a diaper cover by sewing pieces of a shower curtain, a material that was breathable and It incorporated some snap closure buttons to achieve maximum fixation. How much we have Marion to thank!

A patent is an exclusive right that is granted to an invention, for it to be possible it must provide a solution to a problem and must be novel, in short, comply with an inventive activity.

The list of women inventors is long and very interesting, but we do not want to finish without telling you that in response to solving a problem such as the prevention of skin cancer and other dermatological conditions due to UV radiation, I have invented and patented the "layer of sun”, registered as a Utility Model in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office with patent number ES1215379.

It is a 100% sustainable garment that solves the problem of excessive exposure of children and adults to ultraviolet rays.

An invention due to my concern about the incidence of solar radiation due to a strong solar allergy from a very young age, a disease that affects 1 in 6 women and is increasing, since due to climate change UV radiation is becoming more and more strong.

The creation consists of a semicircular cape, it has cuffs that allow the garment to be fixed on the body and shoulders, and allow absolute freedom of movement, while protecting the body, neckline, shoulders, arms from the sun’s rays. and hands (areas susceptible to premature aging of the skin). The fabric blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays and is certified UV EXCELLENT PROTECTION UPF 50+ according to the degree of UV protection 183-1998 / American Standard.

All models come with a small bag that matches their print, where the cape is stored when not in use so that it can be transported everywhere for quick protection and always at hand. The children’s cape also has a removable hood for greater protection. I have called the cape Zazou@ and you can learn more about it or purchase it here .

ZAZOU® layer sun protection upf50+
Fashion with UPF50+ sun protection

Until now, only swimwear on the market is made of UPF fabric, this invention provides the power to protect the little ones at any time and place of the day , because we are not always in the water. And the sun is hitting us at all times, in the park, walking, on the terrace-restaurant. In addition, in Spain we have more hours of sunshine than in other European countries and in the central hours of the day when the World Health Organization begs us to cover ourselves from UV rays, the Spaniards is when we live the most.

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Enjoy the sun!!

Eva Zorzo

Founder From Sun With Love