From Sun With Love UPF50+ multiposition scarf

Multi-position scarf in poncho mode.

It is one of our best-selling products and no wonder. FSWL's UPF50+ multi-position scarf has won a place in the hearts of many of our customers for its great versatility and functionality.

As you know, all our garments are able to block 98% of UVA and UVB sun rays to protect our body from the harmful effects of solar radiation. The fabric is made from Econyl®, a 100% nylon fiber regenerated from fishing nets and other nylon waste as a sign of our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

This composition makes all our garments ideal for good protection from the sun throughout the year and, of course, especially in the spring and summer months, the months with the highest incidence of solar radiation.

The multiposition scarf is perhaps the most versatile because it has infinite possibilities to cover our skin depending on how we place it.

That is why we wanted to make this post to give you ideas so that you can make the most of it when you want to protect yourself from the sun.

How to wear the UPF50+ multiposition scarf

Those of you who already own these scarves will know that in the cardboard packaging we give you 3 ideas to use it, but in this post we want to show you many more, so let’s start!

To begin with, let’s explain, for those who don’t know, that each scarf has 4 small transparent snaps to fasten the multiposition scarf and prevent it from falling off.

pañuelo multiposiciones shine
Scarf as a cape.
Scarf in top mode.

For covering the upper body with the UPF50+ multiposition scarf

The first position is as a layer. This allows us to fasten the scarf to the chest area and thus cover the back, shoulders and chest. Three areas that tend to burn easily when we expose ourselves to the sun, and it is important to protect them well.

Another feasible position is hanging, as a foulard around the neck, as you can see in the photo. This will protect the nape of the neck and neck, two other areas that we often forget to protect. But for those who are colder and want it like this, you can also put it wrapped around your neck.

We can also wear this multi-position UPF50+ scarf as a poncho, much more casual than the first option and which undoubtedly offers us the speed to cover most of our torso in a moment.

We continue on the upper body to make this scarf a very stylish top. And whether you have opted for printed or plain scarves, all of them look great if we want to use them more as a top.

For this there are different options, the simplest is to tie it like a towel in a strapless way and adjust it either with a knot or with a clip. In addition, we can take it by the ends and tie it around the neck as you can see in the photo for a more sophisticated touch. This same position can be done by shortening the scarf a little more so that it is more in the hip or waist area and will leave the belly in the air.

To cover the lower part of the body with the UPF50+ multiposition scarf

The multiposition gives a lot of play and the length and width of the scarf also allow us to use it as a sarong or skirt by tying it at the waist so we can protect part of the legs and buttocks.

Many girls also use it as head protection as a scarf or bandana, giving a more hippie touch but with the same result.

As you can see, there are an infinite number of possible positions so that you can choose the one you prefer depending on the part of your body you want to protect. For this reason, by carrying the scarf with you everywhere you go, you will avoid getting burned and you will always have effective physical protection at hand.

Other uses of the UPF50+ multiposition scarf

These are some of the ways to wear this scarf on the body as a garment, but you can also simply cover what you want to protect. It is very used when we are under the umbrella, but it is not enough and we want to protect our legs when they protrude. We put the scarf over our legs and they would be protected. By the way, remember to also cover the feet, which are the forgotten ones and often get burned. And, of course, you have to combine this physical protection with sunscreen to protect the body in a more complete way.

But it doesn’t stop there, they are ideal when we have a baby and we want to keep the sun out by throwing the multi-position scarf over the hood, as a canopy. Or you can also cover the baby in certain parts or the whole baby with it.

And finally we give you one last idea, this one very useful if you go by car. On long trips, it is often through our window that all the sun enters and we can’t help it. So we can place the scarf in the window and act as a protection to prevent the radiation from reaching us or simply place the scarf over the area of the body where the sun is hitting us.

As you can see there are many options to get the most out of your multiposition scarf this summer. And if you don’t have it yet you can choose from our printed designs
Beige field notebook
Green field notebook
Slow Summer yellow tones
Slow Summer shades of blue
. Or opt for the plain tones such as the
royal blue

Whichever one you choose, we would love for you to share with us, through social networks, your photos with the UPF50+ multiposition scarf, are you up for it?

Eva Zorzo

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